Digital Class Rooms

Bhashyam Blooms has a teaching pool that’s known for its creative, imaginative and innovative approaches that make learning engrossing ,inspiring and interesting. To make learning proactive and interactive, teachers make use of Technologically advanced version of Digital boards in Class rooms. These interactive teaching sessions help in enabling better focus and attention to what is being taught in the class, making a dry subject interesting .

Equipped with the latest High-end Smart boards we bring in more life and reality into every day lessons. Built in tools enhance the teaching – learning process. Textbook and subject digital content are loaded onto the Smart board so as to be accessible within the classroom. Smart board technology caters to different learning styles with students demonstrating increased motivation leading to increased participation in class.

Objectives of the programme
  • To enrich the lesson planning and in-class experiences of teachers.
  • To engage students by making learning fun.
  • To enhance students' classroom experiences by diversifying learning activities.

To improve student learning outcomes, both subject-specific and in a broader context.

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